2017 new laws for California

From 2016 to 2017, the state of California brought over one thousand proposals to the floor to be signed into law. Of those, eight hundred ninety-eight were passed. Here are some of those laws, explained.

For a more detailed and complete listing of the new California laws in effect for 2017, go to leginfo.legislature.ca.gov. By this link highlights for new laws in 2017 in US. And in this article you will find a comprehensive listing of all new California laws in 2017, from the vital and very important to the benign.

Minimum wage in 2017

California minimum wage has increased by fifty cents per hour for businesses with twenty-six employees or more. This effectively raises the state minimum wage from ten dollars to ten fifty per hour.

Paid parental leave

Twelve weeks of paid parental leave has been granted to all faculty and-and facility workers in any K-12 or community college setting.

Equal pay for equal work

Now it is illegal to offer to pay a woman less than her male counterparts due to her past salary.

Bathrooms for everyone!

Bill 1732 states that all single bathrooms be gender neutral.

Helping Combat poverty and displacement

All public and private colleges and universities that have a food program must work with a program that will be funded by the state in order to give food to the homeless. Going hand in hand with that is another law that enlists all community colleges with showers on campus to be made available to all homeless students.

Making Prescribing doctors accountable

The state of California has become aware of those physicians who are overprescribing and misprescribing various psychiatric drugs. Ultimately, this can set a community up for a lifetime of pain, dependency, and suffering. There are two bills in play here; one that puts those doctors at risk of being stripped of their licenses, and one that will enable better maintenance and watch guarding of mental health services for children.

Emergency Earthquake detection

The state of California will a lot ten million dollars to the advancement of a better early detection and warning system for earthquakes. The program, formerly known as “ShakeAlert”, will be augmented to be more like those in other nations such as Mexico and Japan.


Real estate agents and property owners who rent out their properties for income will no longer be able to even provide showings to any property that is known, or has been known, to have bedbugs.

Cracking down on sexual predators

California has now deemed “rape” to encompass all types of sexual assault that is not consensual. It also expanded its terms to include the illegality of any rape act committed on a person who is not conscious and goes on to give a compulsory incarceration sentence.

Respect for native American history

Effective in 2017, no more teams or mascots may be named “Redskins”, as this is an extremely offensive and derogatory term used to negatively label Native Americans. This bill was mandated in 2015 and had two years to take effect.

New California gun laws in 2017

New regulations further develop the interpretation of assault weapons. Preliminary background checks surrounding the purchase of ammunition are set in place, as are further limitations on other people borrowing a weapon that is registered to someone else. There are many regulations on the type of weapons a citizen is permitted to purchase, and a ban on semi-automatic weapons in general. This is a developing law, one which will be continually revisited as the definitions of the different type of semi-automatic weapons change.

Car seat safety

Any child two years or younger who weighs thirty-nine pounds or less or measures thirty-nine inches or less now has to be rear facing when sat in a child safety seat. Any children who weigh forty or more pounds or stand forty or more inches tall do not have to follow this law, but still must be appropriately and safely fastened by state regulated seats and safety belts.

Use of Wireless Electronic Devices

Motorists/drivers are no longer allowed to hold a wireless telephone or electronic wireless communications gadgets while driving a motor vehicle. Rather than operating the device, it must be installed in the 8-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield little farther removed from the driver or in a 6-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield not much far to the driver.

School days in 2017

Effective January first, all buses which carry school aged children for any reason must have a safety alert system in place. This applies to those nimbus vehicles that transport school-aged children as well.
The basic premise is the children’s safety and an overall increased vigilance when it comes to bus driver send their passengers, including but not limited to, leaving any children unattended in transport vehicles and buses.

Drinking and driving? Think again!

new california laws 2017

This law, which will officially take effect in 2019, requires any person who has been convicted of driving under the influence bring their vehicle into a certified auto mechanic and have an ignition auto locking device attached to their vehicle. If a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, this will monitor whether or not the driver attempts to drive during the period of time that they have been sequestered by the courts.

This new law will also get rid of any previously implemented amount of time that a person will have to wait before applying for and receiving a restricted license and will act as a monitoring system for those restricted license offenders. By January first, 2019, all driving under the influence offenders must install these in their vehicles in order to have their license back.

There are so many new laws that were passed in California in 2017. Some are very applicable to the general public, while others are more specific and could be considered almost “specialty” laws. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the numerous laws, as they could pertain to you, your family or your present situation in a number of ways. Take the time to do some research on your own. The information is readily available and generally easy to understand. Laws and regulations change and are amended continuously. Don’t get caught off guard. Know the laws and know your rights.